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Tile roofs are one of the most stylish roof systems you can own in Colorado.

Tile comes in a variety of colors, textures and styles and usually ranges from flat to shake to villa-style.

There are generally two types of tile: clay and concrete. Each type offers its own styles and colors.

Some of the benefits of installing a tile roof system on your Colorado Home is its highly resistant to the elements. Its also practically maintenance free and is considered an energy efficient type of roof system. Tile is also Class A fire resistant and can withstand winds up to 125-miles per hour.

Tile manufacturers offer a wide range of warranties, including 50-year and limited lifetime warranties. The lifespan of tile roofs, combined with the long tile warranties make it a very cost-effective product.

R3D Roofing is a Trusted Colorado Roofing company that specializes in the repair and replacement of clay and concrete tile roof systems in Denver Metro Colorado. Our tile installation crews have years of experience installing all kinds of tile roof systems from concrete tile to the most premium imported clay tiles.

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